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ltuhurahbic's Journal

Lt. Nyota Uhura, ISS Enterprise
14 February
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by Andy Price Art on Deviant Art.

If you are interested in RPing, please stop by star_fleet_rpg and star_fleet_ooc to find me.

Name: Lt. Nyota Uhura
LJ: ltuhurahbic
Played by: Nichelle Nichols
Canon Break: Mirror Mirror
Bio: I'm afraid my bio is very short. I took information from the regular and Nu Uhura, and mixed it with the tiny snippet there was on Mirror Uhura.

Nyota Uhura was a Terran female who served in Starfleet in the mid-23rd century, operating as a communications officer on the ISS Enterprise with the rank of Lieutenant. Security chief Hikaru Sulu was known to be infatuated with her, a feeling that Uhura herself has not returned as of 2267. While she does enjoy leading Sulu on, her affections belong to Spock mirror_spock.

Nyota Uhura was born in the 2230s. She was fluent in Swahili. She was proficient in 83% of official Federation languages and regional dialects. In her youth, she used to run the hundred meter dash in record time. During her time at Starfleet Academy, Uhura specialized in xenolinguistics with tracking toward a communications officer. Commander Spock served as one of Cadet Uhura's instructors and judged her performance to be consistently exemplary.

Uhura was a Starfleet officer who was proud of her African heritage. In fact, she decorated her personal living quarters aboard the Enterprise with a zebra-skin bedspread, some African sculptures and masks, and wall panels containing African images.

I RP Uhura on trekheroes